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Fighting Midnight – Ankarrah Chronicles Book Two


Destiny always screws you over.

Finley Tindol’s biological mother, Anixia, brutally murdered her adopted parents. A five-hundred-year-old prophecy closes in around her in a no-win situation: she either kills her biological mother, or causes the destruction of billions of people. But if she steps foot on Ankarrah—her and Anixia’s home world—she could cause the collapse of at least two universes.

To make matters worse, Hunter Jamison—the man who saved her and the love of her life—might be the missing piece of the prophecy surrounding Finley. She’ll stop at nothing to keep him out of harm’s way, even if it means sacrificing herself. He’ll break any rules, even hers, to keep her safe.

With time running out, Finley must fulfill the prophecy or risk dooming the world into eternal darkness. But will she choose to avenge her parents or save billions of lives?





Meeting Midnight – Ankarrah Chronicles Book One


Blurb: For the last twenty-five years, muscular dysfunction expert Finley Tindol has been hiding her supernatural abilities from everyone—or so she thought. Saving someone she loves puts her in the crosshairs of shadow government agencies and assassins. Now everyone in her life is at risk, especially Dr. Hunter Jamison, the sauve and stylish trauma surgeon who put her back together.

To keep her loved ones safe, Finley’s determined to live her life quietly. Only her goal to exist under the radar is shattered when she’s kidnapped and transported to another world—Ankarrah. Amid the horror of getting back to her own world, Finley’s sucked into a war she knows nothing about but is determined to win.

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