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Hunter’s Bedroom

Ever have those days when nothing seems to go the way you planned? I’ve had a month of them, and I’ve decided that instead of bemoaning the fact of failed plans, I’m going to simply embrace the chaos that has ensued.

The current section I’m working on entails describing Hunter’s house. I’ve been struggling to visualize the inside of Hunter’s house. What does it look like? What’s the major color scheme? Does Hunter care about color schemes? In attempting to describe the interior to readers, I’m stuck on the idea that I somehow need to see it, even in theory, before I can show it to the audience.

In desperation boredom, I took to Pinterest.  Now, I love me some good DIY projects (I just redid all of the kitchen cabinets in my house), and enjoy looking at decor ideas (I lean more traditional and comfy than anything else). But looking for “masculine bedrooms” was something I never thought to explore. There aren’t too many examples that resonated with me, but there was one (from Gentlemans Gazette) that I thought would be a Hunter-perfect fit.

Hunter's Bedroom

Now, there are a couple of things I would change about this to make it fit in with my mental vision. For example, I would have dark hardwood floors, huge picture windows along two walls, and a small bureau for daily clothing essentials (boxer briefs [because he’s just that kind of guy], socks, and other various sundries.). But this is the vibe I was struggling to see. Now that I have it, I’ve breezed through the remainder of this chapter.

I’m on to the next…Finley gets to meet Hunter’s mom. Yikes!


Do you guys do any home decor/renovating projects that begin with Pinterest? Are you a DIYer? What do you think about the basis of Hunter’s bedroom?

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