About Me!

JDDexter$ whoami

Hi! I’m Jamie, a cybersecurity researcher and penetration tester working in consulting.

Primary topics of Interest:

  • Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacking
  • Vulnerability Research
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software Development
  • Android mobile application development
  • Python scripting and automation

More Information

JDDexter$ sudo lshw

    description: Human
    product: CyberSecurity Consultant
    vendor: Unknown
    version: 22.0
    serial: 4
    width: (i didnt think we were allowed to ask that anymore)
    capabilities: Vulnearbility Research, Cybersecurity, python
    configuration: Male (He/Him)

I have a passion for all things tech, from conducting vulnerability research to learning about all the latest devices and new technologies, i love it all.

I have been working in cybersecurity and pentesting for almost two years now, after finshing my bachelor of software engineering (bit of a career change, i know).

Currently, I am studying for my RHCSA certification, with an aim to complete my OSCP by mid next year. I hope you’ll join me on my journey from N00b to El1t3 H@xX0R as i document my studying process (and anything else I find interesting along the way.)

Please note that the views reflected in this blog are my own, and do not reflect the views of my company, or any other organisations.

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