Red-Hat Enterprise Linux

Hey! As you may already know, I’m currently studying for my RHCSA (RedHat Certified Systems Administrator) certification, so this is the section where I’ll be posting about cool linux tips and tricks I learn along the way.

Resetting Your Forgotten Red Hat Root Password (RHEL)

A Brief Introduction

Lets be honest, we forget passwords sometimes. It happens. This guide is going to take you through how to reset your forgotten root password for your Red Hat Enterprise Linux machine.

This process will teach you:

  • How to change the bootloader
  • How to modify the GRUB menu
  • How to mount a filesystem from sysroot
  • How to modify the root password
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Creating a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtual Machine

A Brief Introduction

RedHat Enterprise Linux is a paid distribution of linux (which seems counterintuitive considering that linux is usually open source and free), due to the “enterprise” features that Red Hat offers its customers. As such, there are other flavours of linux that closely resemble RHEL, including CentOS and Fedora.

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Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux in a Virtual Machine

If you haven’t already, Check out my previous post explaining how to create a RHEL VM with installation Media: Creating a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtual Machine

Quick Notes: when a virtual box VM is powered on, it will capture your mouse and keyboard automatically. Press the CMD (macOS) or left CTRL keys to remove your mouse from the VM.

Entering the Installer

Once a RHEL VM has been set up, and the installation ISO has been attached, we can begin the setup process by powering on the machine. When the machine has been powered on, it will prompt you to select from a few options. Select the first option to begin the installation for RHEL.

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